Primeaus History

On April 1st, 1984, George Primeau Sr. used his life savings and made a life changing decision and opened the doors to Primeau’s Autobody Inc. Located on Columbia Street in Cohoes, Primeau’s first Garage was a small with a few bays. Business began to grow and George brought his Brother Joe on board as a partner, to help with the increasing work load. After one year Primeau’s out grew the Columbia Street location. In 1985 the Primeau Brothers moved the business to it’s current location at 9 High Street in the City of Cohoes.
Over the years as their children grew, more and more joined the family business. After many years of dedication to the business Joe retired handing over his partnership to George’s eldest son Dwayne. His younger son’s are also part of the as well as his wife Sheila.
Currently George Sr. is the Mayor of the City of Cohoes, and has handed over the day to day operations to his Son’s, but is still actively involved in the overall operations.

Primeau's Autobody Inc. BBB Business Review